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Sara Mires had dreamed of living on a farm for years, hoping to raise her children in a simpler lifestyle with plenty of room to explore and get dirty. She and her husband Greg had purchased a home in Concord with the idea of a farm on the back burner for an unknown future time. They were both busy in their careers, Greg in finance and Sara a new stay at home mom after years in the service industry. “We planned on living in Concord for a few years with the eventual plan to move to Brentwood by the time my daughter reached school age,” said Sara. “I told my brother-in-law, who happens to be a realtor, that if he ever saw a farm property available in Brentwood to let me know, not thinking anything of it.” Well, ask and you shall receive. He stumbled upon the Minnesota Avenue property, which had been on the market for a while, and sent the information to Sara. “The property was covered in weeds and needed some serious work, but we decided to make an offer. I also wrote the owners a letter about wanting to raise my kids here and planning to keep the property as is.” The owners of the farm loved Sara’s letter, and the rest is history. Sara and Greg moved to Brentwood in September 2019.

Sara has always had a deep love for animals. What started out as four chickens and a rescue dog in her Concord house quickly escalated over the course of gaining a farm and then being thrown into quarantine. “On this property our first animals were the mini donkeys, Elaine and Jerry. The plan was to get mini horses but then I saw these mini donkeys and my husband suggested getting them instead,” said Sara. Next were the two Nigerian dwarf goats, Dwayne “The Goat Johnson” and Olive, then Dolly and Reba the two mini Highland cows, Bruno the blind rescue goat, Elvis the mini Highland bull, and Kurt and Goldie the Kunekune pigs. “The chickens and ducks have been accumulating since we got here.”
Along with the animals, Sara and Greg also maintain the original fruit trees scattered throughout the property including pears, persimmons, apricots, almonds, pomegranates, oranges, cherries, and apples. “I’m still figuring out when to harvest which fruits and the pruning process that follows,” said Sara. “There’s a lot to learn this year especially. We’re figuring it all out as we go and learning how to be sustainable. It’s something I’ve always wanted to know more about, and now we’re being thrown into it. It can feel like a lot, but it’s amazing.”  

Broken Road Farm is a beautiful bi-product of living on the property. “We’ve decided to offer so many different things here that it was difficult to focus in on just one thing for a fitting name,” said Sara. “’Bless the Broken Road’ was our wedding song and it has to do with family, which is the reason we’re doing this and what it represents for us. I just kept coming back to Broken Road Farm.” The main reason why Sara and Greg wanted to open up their home to the community is so that everyone can experience farm life. “I get so much joy seeing other kids run around here and parents learning about taking care of animals.” The Mires’ decided to start hosting ticketed events as a way to offer the farm experience in an organized manner while also helping to offset vet bills and other costs associated with caring for such large animals. “Having a farm is not going to make you rich,” said Sara. “It’s very expensive and it’s a labor of love. Creating a business within it helps make this life more doable.”

Broken Road Farm currently offers movie nights in the corral (weather permitting), the Farm Favorites Experience which includes a curated box of local goods and an opportunity to feed and spend time with the animals, Future Farmers classes, Coffee & Cows, private field trips, and upcoming holiday related events. “We will have a lot going on in the coming months. I’m still in the process of feeling out what the community likes the best and what sticks out to people.” Sara also plans to do adult activity nights on the backside of the corral, like building planter boxes or painting canvas bags, and she has created a farm stand at the entrance to her property where she occasionally sets out chicken and duck eggs, produce, jam, and other fresh goods for sale. “Right now, it’s all about navigating how to do safe socializing.” Christmas time will bring countless hanging lights around the farm, photo opportunities, and possibly even a Christmas tree farm in the back of the property in the future.

As Sara and Greg figure out what works best for them, their family, and the community, they do know what their goal is. “Our mission here is to figure out this lifestyle while opening it up for other people who are interested to come along for the ride,” said Sara. “We want this to be a community farm; we want to watch people form relationships with these animals that will stay with them forever. There’s so much good that comes from this way of living, and we want to share it with as many people as possible.”

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