Brentwood's Art Community

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When did you open Allison's Art Bus, and what was your inspiration?

We opened Allison's Art Bus during the summer of 2015. The bus had been a lifelong dream for Allison. Right after she finished her teaching degree, she moved to Texas and saw a gymnastics bus and


When did you open Created By You, and what was your inspiration?
I Opened Created By You on September 1, 2018 so we just celebrated our one year anniversary. I wanted to open an art studio that would allow people from all ages to have a safe place to get


When did you open Delta Gallery, and what was your inspiration? 
Delta Gallery Community Art Center, aka Delta Gallery, was restructured from a for profit gallery back in 2014 into what is now a cooperative style nonprofit gallery. It is owned by the local artists


Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nine-county Bay Area and offers a strategic location that connects: the SF Bay Area, Central Valley, Tri-Valley, and Sacramento Delta