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Valley Oak Nursery has been a Brentwood staple since 1993. When the original owners decided it was time to retire, they made the smart decision to hire their employee Scott Stout. “I started working at the nursery in high school, just as a part time job, but it turned into a passion,” said Scott. “I took over the business in 2012.” Scott wasn’t originally planning on entering horticulture after finishing high school, but what kind of happened on its own has turned into a happy success. “I’ve always loved the outdoors. I actually wanted to be a park ranger when I was a kid, and my dad was a tree trimmer when he was younger, so I have liked plants. I just didn’t know it would become my career.”
When ownership changed, Scott did transition the focus of the nursery just slightly, gearing more towards plants and focusing less on the gift and antique shops that the original owners used to offer. Valley Oak Nursery offers over 400 different types of plants, including various fruit and shade trees, palm trees, rose bushes, and drought tolerant plants, in addition to offering a succulent and cactus area. “We do a little bit of every type of fruit tree except for anything tropical,” said Scott. “Brentwood used to be nothing but orchards, so fruit trees tend to do well.” Guests can also find statues, fountains, and pottery to decorate their yards, along with fertilizer, sprays, and whatever is needed to keep plants thriving. Valley Oak Nursery also offers Christmas trees seasonally, direct from Oregon, which typically sell out each year.

“I started working at the nursery in high school, just as a part time job, but it turned into a passion,” said Scott. “I took over the business in 2012.”

Originally Scott could be found in the nursery every single day for the first year and a half. At that point he was consistently busy enough to hire someone to help, and now there are four workers who help Scott keep things running smoothly. “We’re a small operation, but we’re incredibly reliable,” said Scott. As for the future of Valley Oak Nursery, Scott would love to grow more of his own plants. “We currently grow some plants from small to full size, but I’d love to start growing even more and possibly sell to other nurseries, becoming a mix of retail and wholesale. We do order in plants, and sometimes, the quality of the products isn’t always up to my standards. If we grow it ourselves, we could control that better.” With three acres at his disposal, anything is possible!
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